Western Ontario Soccer League


Rules and Regulations * Section 7

17.  Any team wishing to change the date, time and/or place of a game shall obtain agreement via e-mail through the league website, from their opponent. To initiate a Game Change Request, log into the league website and go to "My Team" and select "Request" under "Coach Options" and follow the instructions. The proposed change must contain full details for the rescheduling of the game. The details and approval by both teams must reach the League fourteen (14) days prior to the original date or the requested date of the change (whichever is earlier). The correct fee must accompany the change request. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing will result in the requested change being denied. The proposed date must not conflict with any dates blocked off by the league or surpass the official end of the season. Changes to Divisional Cup, League Cup and Playoff Games shall be at the discretion of the League.

18.  A team requiring postponement due to Ontario Cup play that is scheduled for the same weekend (Saturday or Sunday), shall notify the League and the opposing team in writing via e-mail, at least five (5) days before the postponement or be fined as per Section 12. The team must within five (5) days of the postponement notify the league of the arrangements for rescheduling the game. The game must be played within Thirty (30) days of the original date or Section 7.21 will come into effect.

19.  The home team, being party to the postponement due to unplayable ground conditions or other causes shall, within Five (5) days of the postponement, notify the league of the arrangements for replaying the game. No games are to be scheduled within twenty-four (24) hours of any previously scheduled game unless agreed to by both teams. The game must be played within twenty (20) days of the original date, save and except games covered in Section 7.21.

20. Failure of either team to agree on a date, time and location of a replay as in section 7.19 shall require the League to set the replay. The game may be played on a neutral field in which case Section 7.22 will come into effect.

21.  The date set for the end of the regular season and any games deemed necessary to be played after that date shall be at the discretion of the executive committee. Games scheduled for the last seven (7) days of the League schedule and not played due to field conditions, such games shall be played within five (5) days of the postponement. The decision of the League shall be binding on both teams.

22.  Expenses that are incurred resulting from the postponement and rescheduling of the game by the League shall be borne by the home team. Any claim for payment of expenses or compensation shall be approved by the home team. Any claim for payment of expenses or compensation shall be as approved by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

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